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Premium Coffee

FREE Mexican Altura Coffee

The growing altitudes between 1,100 and 1,500 meters above sea level are rich in volcanic soil and receive a good combination of sunlight, ideal temperatures and precipitation that provide the essential components for growing Strictly High Grown coffee. Many believe this area is where Mexico's best coffees can be found.

Cupping notes: Bright low acidity with citrus, chocolate and caramel notes.

Order 4 lbs (or more)
of your favorite coffee and get
1  lbs of Mexican Altura FREE will be added to your order.

At the bottom of the "My Cart"  page, just add a note if you want your Mexican Altura Whole bean or what type of grinding would you like.

Limited time.
When you order $ 48.60 (Minimum )
Just choose  "VIP" in the shipping option

Limited time.
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