Custom Blends

Abbott Blend

A blend of Colombian and Costa Rican with a touch of French roast a great breakfast blend.

Addison Blend

Rich and creamy Bavarian Chocolate with a subtle hint of Hazelnut

Allison Blend
Dark roasted Italian with Sumatra.
Allyn Blend
A rich full bodied Indonesian blend of Celebes and Sumatra.
Alm Blend
A rich city roasted Colombian blended with a smooth Costa Rican and Tanzanian for a well rounded taste.
Arnold Blend

A worldly blend of Sumatra, Ethiopian, Costa Rican and French Roast very palatable.

Averitt Blend

Aromatic Hawaiian Kona with city roasted Celebes and just a touch of Vanilla Cream.

Ballard Blend

Rankin Blend is composed of 80% Costa Rican and 20% French Roast.  A wonderful combination of light and dark.

Ballard Blend

Mellow Colombian combined with Mocha Java and French Roast, rich and satisfying.

Bam Blend

6oz. of Italian Espresso2oz. of Decaf. Columbian Supremo 8oz. of Celebes Kalossi.

Barnett Blend

Smooth, low acid Costa Rican blends well with mild Brazil and nutty Sumatra.

Bartoskewitz Blend

Creamy hazelnut is mixed with Hawaiian Kona for a nutty, aromatic blend.

Bauch Blend

Rich Bavarian Chocolate paired with a burst of orange.

Bennett Blend

Aromatic Hawaiian, mild Colombian and earthy Sumatra blend well for a smooth, low acid coffee.

Bethany Blend

A mild Colombian is added to the fragrant Hawaiian for a low acid, flavorful treat.

Biscayne Blend

Java Estate and Sumatra, with a touch of Colombian and Light French Roast - full bodied, low acid.


Java Coffee & Tea Co. has been creating custom coffee and tea blends for our customers for over 30 years. If you would like to create your own custom blend, call us at (713) 974-0443 or 1(800) 242-JAVA.