Top Sellers

Assam 4 oz.
(India) A wonderfully dark, heavy cup with a strong malty flavor.
Bill's Blend Coffee
Bill's Blend 1LB.

Mild aromatic coffee with a light body. An equal blend of Hawaiian Kona and Colombian Supremo. A top seller.

Blue Mist 4 oz.
A tasty combination of strawberries and Kiwi. Our number three best seller.
Colombian Supremo Coffee
Colombian Supremo 1/2LB.

Medium-bodied, light acidity and well balanced. Colombia is one of the world's largest producers of washed arabica coffees.

Costa Rican "La Minita" Tarrazu 1/4LB.

A traditional Costa Rican coffee. A full bodied, low acid coffee, but with a wonderful lingering aftertaste. Very rare, only grown on one plantation in Costa Rica.

Espresso Marco Polo Coffee
Espresso Marco Polo 1LB.

Strong and flavorful with an intense body. This coffee has our customers Four Star rating

Southern Pecan 1/2lb.

Natural pecan extracts and pecan pieces lend a delicate flavor and aroma to this traditional southern favorite.