Costa Rican "La Minita" Tarrazu 1/4LB.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Robert, 06/01/2012

Tried this coffee at others recommendation. Wow! Sip and smile:)

Reviewed by Michael, 08/13/2011

Bill and Bill introduced me to this coffee 20 years ago. It is definitely one of the three best coffees in the world: full-bodied, VERY low acid, so one tastes the coffee and not the husk, very smooth, always perfectly roasted and fresh.

Reviewed by Abby, 04/04/2011

This one is my favorite, and I have gotten several friends hooked on it as well. Low acidity, smooth but distinct flavor - love it!

Reviewed by Sybille, 03/26/2011

Wonderful coffee - delicious flavor, indeed a smooth and very fine flavor - I love this coffee !